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The Captivating Neighborhoods of Peterborough City

City of Peterborough, Ontario

Lovingly known as “PTBO” among locals, the city of Peterborough offers many diverse spaces and neighborhoods to enjoy. Whether you’re attending a local university or settling into your career while growing a family, there are several charming neighborhoods in Peterborough City that you can call home.

Let’s explore the more popular areas that can be found in Peterborough City!

North End of Peterborough

Found in the North End of downtown Peterborough, this residential space maintains a diverse and changing population thanks to its proximity to local Trent University. Locals adore this area for its walkability and the safety and security it offers. 

If you want to be right in the action, the North End in Peterborough is a wonderful space to kickstart the next stage of your life! 

East City of Peterborough

In East City, you will find well-designed homes and plenty of space around them to enjoy. Beautiful in all seasons, this space is an ideal location for anyone who loves to see a blend of nature and community spaces. With captivating views of the local river and various kinds of real estate available, East City truly has something for everyone.

Not only is East City considered to be one of the nicest parts of Peterborough City, but it is also known for its location close to restaurants and trails to make it easy to commute to other areas within Peterborough. 

Old West End of Peterborough

In the West End of Peterborough, you will find a thriving and active community. Known for its expansive lawns, helpful neighbors, and local animal population, the Old West End is home to local shops and businesses as well as beautiful natural spaces and stunning historic homes that are perfect for individuals, couples, and families too.

With easy access to downtown, this area offers walkability, comfort, and many wonderful local businesses.

South Central of Peterborough

In South Central, Peterborough, you will find a truly exceptional place to call home. With a cost of living that is more affordable than some other areas in Peterborough, this neighborhood combines affordability with countless stores within walking distance. 

Locals adore South Central for its easy access to Highway 115, quiet neighbourhoods, pet-friendly design, and collection of beautiful parks.

West End of Peterborough

When you first move to The West End of Peterborough, you will marvel at the peace and tranquility this area offers. Known for its low crime rates and walkability, the West End area gives you plenty of local space to explore on foot alongside Jackson Creek. 

West End locals pride themselves on maintaining their homes and yards while also nurturing a powerful sense of community. In this area, you will find everything from incredible schools to outdoor spaces that will make you want to move and get outside!

Lift Lock

History enthusiasts will love the area around Lift Lock, which was recognized as a historic site in 1979. True to its name, this powerful lift is able to effortlessly lift boats as needed and can offer quite a captivating site for visitors and locals alike. 

At the Peterborough Lift Lock, you can take a look back through history and see the power of mechanical engineering at its finest. 

In Peterborough City, there are many walks of life and plenty of beautiful places to walk through too! Whether you crave a quiet residential area or want to be right in the center of the action, you will find that this beautiful city has a little something to offer everyone.

Beauty, nature, and community come together in the city of Peterborough, making it the perfect place to call home!

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